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Traffic Calming


The public and Council have frequently raised concerns regarding speeding and aggressive driving on residential streets in the Municipality, especially in high risk areas, such as near schools, parks and hospitals.

At the Regular Council Meeting on September 25th, 2023, Council passed By-Law 109-2023 to adopt a Traffic Calming Policy for the Town of Goderich. The approved traffic calming policy will provide staff with a guideline and procedure for the initiation, investigation and implementation of traffic calming measures for roadways within the Municipality. The policy also ensures that there is a formal process for traffic calming requests that utilizes consistent criteria.

What is Traffic Calming?

Traffic calming is defined as the combination of mainly physical measures that alter driver behavior to reduce the potential of negative effects of motor vehicle use and improve conditions for alternate modes of transportation. Traffic calming measures combined with engineering, educational and enforcement tools, can significantly improve the safety of neighbourhoods and related roads.

To address undesirable traffic conditions such as poor sight lines, speeding and excessive volume on local and collector roads, the specific objectives of traffic calming and this guide are to:

  • Increase the safety of neighbourhoods
  • Improve livability of neighbourhoods
  • Restore streets to their intended function
  • Maintain access routes for emergency services, public transit and maintenance services
  • Promote public participation and community support

What does not constitute Traffic Calming?

There are many misunderstandings regarding what constitutes “traffic calming”. If properly engineered traffic calming solutions are not utilized, traffic calming measures will not be effective.

The following are typically NOT traffic calming measures:

  • Unwarranted All Way Stops
  • Reduced Speed Zones
  • 'Children at Play' Signs
  • Speed Limit Signs
  • Rumble Strips
  • Speed Bumps

Traffic Calming Measures considered in the Town of Goderich

In consideration of the Municipality’s objectives in implementing a Traffic Calming Policy, and recognizing a large extent of the Municipality’s road system includes urban, semi-urban and rural roads, the following traffic calming measures have been considered as viable options to implement:
  • Police Enforcement
  • Community Safety Zones
  • Radar speed display signs
  • Lane narrowing via pavement markings
  • Curb extensions
  • Speed humps
  • Speed tables
  • Centre medians
  • Temporary centre median
  • Traffic circles


Submitting a Traffic Calming Request 

Traffic Calming Request Form
Residents with traffic related concerns are instructed to complete a Traffic Calming Request Form to investigate traffic calming on their road or within their neighborhood. Upon completion, staff will then conduct a brief preliminary assessment to determine if the requested road meets the initial screening criteria.

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