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Town of Goderich

Hydrant and Blow-off flushing will take place in the Town of Goderich starting Monday October 7,
2019 and continuing for approximately 5 weeks. Flushing will be done during the week days and not
on weekends.

The water is safe, however you may notice cloudy or coloured water. If you experience
discolouration of water, run a cold water tap until the water runs clear. It is recommended to
refrain from doing laundry, especially whites, on these dates.

Veolia Water Canada Inc (519) 524-6583




THE PROJECT: The Town of Goderich initiated a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment 

(Class EA) process to investigate opportunities to improve stormwater management in the Goderich
Industrial Park, utilizing municipally owned lands in the vicinity of Huckins Street.
The Class EA process investigated alternative solutions to help reduce the potential
for stormwater flooding issues within the Industrial Park.

From the investigation, the following preferred solution has been selected and is shown
in the included key figure: Construction of two dry pond stormwater management facilities
within Town owned lands on Huckins Street.


The project, as an activity subject to an environmental screening process, followed the
planning process established for Schedule B activities under the Class EA document. The
purpose of the Environmental Assessment process is to identify a preferred solution,
identify any potential environmental impacts associated with the proposal and to plan for
appropriate mitigation of those impacts. The process includes consultation with the public,
stakeholders and government review agencies. The environmental assessment process has now
been completed. There were no negative impacts identified with the project that could not be


An Environmental Screening Report will be available for public review at the Town of
Goderich Municipal Office (57 West Street) and the Goderich branch of the Huron County Library (52
Montreal Street). Additional project information is also available on the municipal website

If concerns regarding the project cannot be resolved through discussions with the 

Municipality, a person may request a Part II Order under the EA Act. To make such a
request, a Part II Order Request form must be submitted within 30 calendar days of
this notice and sent to 1) the Municipality; 2) Minister, Ministry of the Environment,
Parks and Conservation, Floor 11, 77 Wellesley St. W, Toronto ON M7A 2T5 Fax: (416)
314-8452;  and 3) Director, Environmental Assessment and
Permissions Branch, Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks, 135 St.
Clair Ave West, 1st Floor, Toronto ON M4V 1P5  
The mandatory form can be found at the following link:
2206E~1/$File/2206E.pdf or copies can be obtained by contacting the project contact
person as listed below. If no such request is received by October 21, 2019, the
project will proceed to implementation as planned at the discretion of the Town.

For further information on this project, or to review the Class EA process, please
contact the engineers: B. M. Ross and Associates, 62 North Street, Goderich, Ontario, N7A 2T4.

(519) 524-2641. Fax (519) 524-4403. Attention: Lisa Courtney, Environmental Planner.

Chip Wilson, Director of Operations This Notice issued 

September 18, 2019 Town of Goderich



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