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The Second Installment of the 2020 tax levy is DUE on June 30, 2020.

Due to the COVID-19 situation payment of property taxes may be made in the following ways: at a financial institution, telephone/internet banking, pre-authorized payment plan or placed in the mailbox beside the front door of Town Hall at 57 West Street, Goderich (cheques only -no cash).
If you recently purchased property and have not received a tax notice please contact the Town Hall, 57 West St, Goderich, 524-8344 ext 213.
Lori Rounds
Deputy Treasurer/Tax Collector



Town of Goderich

Hydrant and Blow-off flushing will take place in the Town of Goderich starting Wednesday April 22,
2020 and continuing for approximately 5 weeks. Flushing will be done during the week days and not
on weekends.

The water is safe, however you may notice cloudy or coloured water. If you experience
discolouration of water, run a cold water tap until the water runs clear. It is recommended to
refrain from doing laundry, especially whites, on these dates.

Veolia Water Canada Inc (519) 524-6583


NOTICE - Goderich Town Council at the Special Council meeting of March 25, 2020, have approved the deferral of penalty and interest charges on unpaid taxes to May 1, 2020.

The current COVID-19 pandemic is having a significant impact on all aspects of life for property owners and their families in the Town of Goderich. The deferral of penalty and interest on unpaid taxes to May 1, 2020 provides a measure of relief in the face of the financial strain of business closures and employment layoffs due to the pandemic. This measure would meet the objective of providing relief in the short-term with any further measures to be considered as more information on the extent and term of the pandemic becomes known.

If you have any questions, please contact Town Hall at 519-524-8344 or email


2020 Dog Tags Due

Pursuant to By-Law 1 of 2020 schedule L and By-Law 63 of 2017 the licence fees are as follows:

  • $20.00 for spayed or neutered dog 
  • $45.00 for male or female dog
  • $10.00 for replacement tag (if tag is lost)

Any person who fails to renew a dog licence on or before February 28th, 2020 shall be subject to a penalty of an additional $20.00.

Tags are available at the Town Hall, 57 West Street, Goderich  519-524-8344 during office hours Monday - Friday from 8 am - 4 pm.


 Important Message from Darren Doak, Goderich Fire Chief

Dispatch Service - This is to inform Town of Goderich residents and businesses of the changes to the Town’s Fire Dispatching Service. As of 8 AM on December 18, 2019, the Goderich Fire Department will now be dispatched by the Stratford Fire Service. Stratford Fire Service will provide the Town of Goderich with full-time dispatching service. Stratford Fire Service has been providing the Goderich Fire Department with backup dispatch services for the past 10 years.
There will be absolutely no disruption or changes to the 911 calling procedure. If you have an emergency, dial 911 and your call will be directed as required just as it has in the past.
PLEASE NOTE: If your home or business is protected by a fire alarm system and monitoring company, you will have to provide them with the following phone number of 519-273-7574 to contact the Goderich Fire Department in the event of an alarm activation and or for fire emergency. This number is Huron County’s emergency direct line for alarm companies and is not to be used for non-emergency calls.


Notice of Road Closure and Stairs/Walkways in the Beach Area due to Goderich Shore Protection and Remediation Project – Commencing December 1, 2019

Goderich Town Council has approved a contract with Huron District Contracting to proceed immediately with shoreline protection at the beach area.

The main focus of construction will be in the area of the Goderich Water Treatment Plant, however due to work that will commence on December 1, 2019, the Town will be closing the beach area to vehicular and pedestrian traffic starting at the Main Beach southward (authorized vehicles only, i.e., construction vehicles and Veolia).

Also be advised that the stairs on various walkways from the beach to the bluffs will be restricted from pedestrians during this time.  

These closures will remain in effect during construction. It is not known when these areas will re-open to the public. 

We appreciate the public’s cooperation during this important and necessary shore protection and remediation construction project at our beach.


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