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Notice for short term rentals

Short term rentals are currently not permitted in residential areas except where they meet the existing ‘Tourist or Guest House Dwelling’ definition in the Town’s Zoning By-Law (124 of 2013), which requires the operator to live on site while renting.

Dwelling, tourist or guest house

Means a single-detached dwelling in which the proprietor or operator resides and no more than 3 rooms are made available for the temporary accommodation of the travelling or vacationing public and within which meals may be provided to those persons temporarily residing therein, and shall include a Bed and Breakfast establishment, but shall not include a hotel, motel, restaurant or eating establishment.

Council has directed staff to amend the Zoning By-Law to allow short term rentals of an individual’s principle residence while they are not on site, to a maximum of 60 nights a year; along with drafting a licensing by-law for short term rentals. This Zoning By-Law and Licensing By-Law will be considered by Council later this year.

The proposed definition of a principle residence is as follows:

Principle Residence

Means a dwelling unit owned or rented by an individual person, either alone or jointly with others, where the individual person is ordinarily a resident. For the purposes of this By-Law, an individual can have only one principle residence at a time.

If you have questions or concerns relating to enforcement of short term rentals, please contact By-Law Enforcement at or by calling 519-524-8344 ext. 241.


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