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Municipal and Marine Heritage Committee

Goderich is a community with a rich heritage, and our residents are rightly proud of their history. Municipal and Marine Heritage is an appointed committee of Council and therefore of the community as a whole. It acts in an advisory capacity to Council in order to identify, protect and promote the mechanisms that preserve the town's historic assets for the benefit of all. A list of current committee members can be found on the town website under Committee, Board and Liaison Members. Meeting times can be found on the town website Meeting Calendar.

MMHC Terms of Reference
Mission: This committee will advise and assist Council in the identification, protection and promotion of resources of cultural heritage value or interest. These resources include, but are not restricted to, buildings, streetscapes, cultural landscapes, districts and natural and archeological heritage features. Being a port, Goderich has both municipal and marine heritage resources. 

Organization: The committee will consist of not fewer than five members appointed by council for a term of no more than the term of the council making the appointments. One member will be a councillor appointed as liaison to the committee. One member will be appointed as liaison with the Business Improvement Association. Members may apply for re-appointment. A Chair and Vice-chair will be elected from the sitting members. Meetings will be held monthly, or as called for by the Chair and will be open to the public. Municipal policies pertaining to procedures and conflict of interest will apply to this committee. 

Role of the MMHC: Whereas Council has the ultimate authority to make decisions and provide a budget, the committee will:

  1. Advise Council on all matters pertaining to heritage including architectural, archeological, natural, marine and cultural heritage components.
  2. Advise Council on all applications pertaining to an individual property (Part IV) or a Heritage Conservation District (Part V) for the purpose of:

        a.  Designation or de-designation
        b.  Alteration, addition or demolition
        c.  Signage
        d.  Loans or grants (Goderich Heritage Enhancement Fund)
        e.  Easement Agreements

   3.  Conduct research appropriate to accomplishing the other listed roles.

   4.  Advise and develop working relationships with owners of heritage designated properties in order to foster appropriate
        conservation and maintenance practices.   

   5.  Advise and assist with the development and maintenance of an inventory of the town's heritage resources (The
        Municipal Register).

   6.  Advise and assist with the development of heritage conservation guidelines and with heritage policies, plans and
        programs including the heritage portion of the Official Plan.

   7.  Conduct public education, public recognition and promotional activities highlighting heritage resources.

   8.  Develop working relationships with municipal staff and other town committees, where appropriate, to accomplish
        mandate roles.

   9.  Advise and inform Council of new heritage legislation and funding initiatives.

  10. Prepare an annual report for Council.


Role of Municipal Staff:

  1. To assist the chair in the creation of agendas.
  2. To take minutes at committee meetings.
  3. To maintain an up-to-date record of meetings, attachments and reports.
  4. To distribute minutes of previous meetings and the agenda for the upcoming meeting at least one week prior to the next scheduled meeting.
  5. To act as a resource for the committee during meetings, which may include presenting background reports, distributing government information and similar activities.
  6. To facilitate the recommendations of the committee to Council through the creation of reports.
  7. To ensure that other departments of the municipality, whose responsibilities and actions may impact on heritage matters, are aware of the roles and responsibilities of the MMHC and of potential impacts.
  8. To submit an annual budget proposal on behalf of the committee.
  9.  To administer the budget of the committee.
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