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Climate Emergency Declaration

At the January 13, 2020 Goderich Town Council meeting, Council voted to continue to support actions to safeguard against the current and potential consequences of the global climate crisis. Mayor John Grace signed the Climate Emergency Declaration.


Environmental Action Committee - Terms of Reference


Environmental Related Initiatives the Town of Goderich has implemented over the past 10 years:

 LED Street Light Conversion
o Energy Savings, eliminating light pollution (dark sky)
 Traffic Light Conversion to LED
o Energy Savings
 Stormwater Cistern installed at Townhall during renovation (10,000 Litres)
o Water Conservation
 Water Filling Stations – 8 currently installed
o Reducing plastic water bottles
 EV Charging Stations – 4 currently installed
o Charging options for EV owners
 2 Electric Vehicles added to the fleet
o Reducing GHG emissions
 Solar Panel installed at Townhall to power hot water tank
o Electricity Conservation
 Added 7 round picnic tables (3 accessible) that are made from 100% recycled plastic water bottles. The tables are located at the waterfront.
o Single use plastic recycling
 Added 8 waste containers (4 trash and 4 recycling) made from 100% recycled water bottles.
o Single use plastic recycling
 In conjunction with the BIA, the Parks Department is installing self-watering planters in the Downtown.
o Staff, Vehicle, Efficiency, and Water Conservation
 Geo-Thermal installed at Townhall during the renovation
o Energy Efficiency
 Two Town owned stormwater management ponds installed on Parson’s Court
o Water quality and quantity




Goderich celebrates going green with an electric car and with the first electric car charging station outside the Tourism Office. (L-R): Mayor John Grace, CAO Larry McCabe, Clerk Janice Hallahan, Chair of the Goderich Environmental Action Committee Erinn Lawrie, Director of Operations Chip Wilson and CBO Jason Dykstra.

Environmental Action Committee in the news: 


The Town of Goderich Environmental Action Committee was formed in the spring of 2019 as an advisory committee to Council on various issues related to the environment.

The Environmental Action Committee is proud to be working with the Goderich Rotary Club to take steps to reduce the amount of single-use waste in Goderich. Reusable branded water bottles are now available for purchase at the tourism office, and new water refill stations have been installed in the Courthouse Square, Lions Harbour Park, at the Rotary Beach Hut, Bannister Park, at the soccer pitch/playground at the Maitland Recreation Centre and at the Wheelhouse at the beach.  

Erinn Lawrie, Chair of the Environmental Action Committee says “These new water refill stations will make it easier for residents and those visiting Goderich to access our town’s high quality drinking water when visiting our beaches and parks, and reduce the amount of single-use plastics in our community”.

Members of the Environmental Action Committee gave away 25 free reusable water bottles on Thursday, September 26th at 2pm to celebrate the opening of the new water refill station on the Square, located in front of the Courthouse.

For more information, please contact:

Erinn Lawrie


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