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Goderich Town Council consists of the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and five Councillors.

Council meets in Council Chambers, located at Town Hall, 57 West Street, on a regular schedule. Council encourages citizens to ask about how they can speak at council meetings when concerns arise.

Town of Goderich Mayors past and present.

Contact Information for Goderich Town Council


 Mayor John C. Grace

Address: 44 Trafalgar Street, Goderich  ON, N7A 1T4

Phone:  519-524-1173


 Deputy Mayor Myles Murdock

Address: 88 Trafalgar Street, Goderich ON, N7A 1T6

Phone:  519-524-7663


 Councillor Trevor Bazinet

Address: 153 Park Street, Goderich ON, N7A 1L1

Phone: 519-525-7570


 Councillor Jim Donnelly

Address: 103 St. George's Crescent, Goderich ON, N7A 2M1

Phone: 519-524-9546


 Councillor Matt Hoy

Address: 61 Cambria Road South, Goderich ON, N7A 3E6

Phone: 519-525-2274


 Councillor Stephen Tamming

Address: 342 Eldon Street, Goderich  ON, N7A 4A8

Phone: 519-955-4148


 Councillor Shawn Thomson

Address:  240 Cayley Street, Goderich  ON, N7A 2A7

Phone:  226-421-2354


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Goderich Town Hall: 57 West Street, Goderich, ON N7A 2K5, Phone: 519-524-8344, Email:
Tourism Goderich: Phone: 519-524-6600, Toll-Free: 1-800-280-7637, Email:

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