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Contractor Occupational Health and Safety Requirements

All contractors hired to work on the Town of Goderich's property must follow the contractor health and safety requirements. Please review the Contractor Occupational Health and Safety Package for a complete description of the requirements.

Steps for Contractors to Follow 

The following are the Town's minimum expectations regarding the health and safety standards to be followed by contractors, subcontractors and their personnel. This is not intended to be a complete statement of the contractor's legal obligations under applicable laws, or as required in the Contractor Occupational Health and Safety Package

 Before beginning work 

Prior to commencing any work, contractors must deliver the complete Contractor Occupational Health and Safety Package as follows: 

  • Contractor's Health and Safety Acknowledgement and Checklist 
  • Workplace Safety and Insurance Clearance Number or Certificate 
  • Proof of Liability Insurance 
  • Copy of your Health and Safety Program 
  • Copies of all legislated and relevant health and safety training/qualification certificates for all workers that are working onsite.  This includes general health and safety training as well as hazard specific training/certificates
  • Details of any Ministry of Labour Health and Safety inspections and any charges/convictions under the Occupational Health and Safety Act within the last five (5) years

You are not authorized to commence work until we have received your completed package. 


You can submit this package by email to or drop it off to the Town Hall located at 57 West Street, Goderich, Ontario.  


 Pre-project safety review 

On request by the Town of Goderich, you must attend a pre-project safety review with the Town's designated representative. The purpose of the review is to organize the work and discuss the safety aspects of the project.

A pre-project safety review is required for all projects such as, but not limited to:

  • utility modifications
  • electrical and plumbing work
  • projects using ladders (over 3 metres), scaffolds, work platforms, suspended platforms and scaffolds , Boatswain's chairs or elevating work platforms
  • confined space entry
  • use of chemicals
  • remediation of mould or asbestos, or work in proximity to asbestos
  • work with any designated substance or any area where there is a designated substance
  • welding or hot work

The purpose of the meeting is to identify potential health and safety concerns. All safety concerns must be discussed and resolved prior to the work beginning.

Please note

Contractors retained for routine maintenance that includes several projects over a long-term period are only required to attend one pre-project safety review annually.

 On arrival to begin work 

The Contractor must provide a work schedule and advise the Town Contact for the project one week before the proposed work commences. 


Access to locked areas must be arranged with the Town Contact.   


All parking regulations are to observed and are specific to the site.  All emergency routes, handicapped parking and other posted No Parking areas must be respected.  


The Contractor will ensure that every reasonable measure and precaution is taken in the circumstance for the protection of all workers, employees, and visitors to the Town of Goderich property under the circumstances.  

 Ongoing requirements of the contract 
  • The Contractor must conduct daily safety inspections of the work area, and identify and correct hazards. 
  • It is expected that Contractors, sub-Contractors, their supervisors and employees will maintain a positive attitude towards safe work, and heath and safety procedures.  
  • The safety of the site will be maintained and controlled through the Contractor's control of workers, methods, techniques, in addition to the sequence and schedule of work. 
  • Good work practices shall be followed at all times. 
  • Any injury shall be reported to the Town Contact and the Health and Safety Manager within 24 hours.  
  • The Contractor shall immediately notify the Ministry of Labour of any critical injury, and shall also advise the Town Contact and Health and Safety Manager forthwith. 

Hazardous Materials 

Depending on the nature of the work, you may need to follow these specific safety requirements. 

Chemical Storage 

All hazardous materials will be stored and dispensed in an area suitable for that purpose, in compliance with regulations.  This includes a well-ventilated area, away from possible sources of ignition. 
 Safety Containers
Approved safety containers will be used for the storage and transportation of flammable materials in accordance with regulations. 
 Hazardous Waste
The Contractor shall ensure all waste is disposed of, in accordance with all municipal, provincial or federal regulations.  Under no circumstances are Contractors to allow any contaminant to be added, emitted, or discharged into the natural environment. 
Compressed Gas Cylinders 
The Contractor shall ensure all compressed gas cylinders are stored in an upright position, secured to a stable support and protected from falling objects in compliance with applicable regulations. 
Designated Substances 
Should the use of a designated substance, as defined under the terms of the Occupational Health and Safety Act be necessary, the Contractor shall discuss such use, in advance, with the Town Contact and the Health and Safety Manager.  Such discussion will include possible alternatives.  If this is not viable, safe work strategies will be agreed upon, prior to the commencement of work.  Any such work will strictly comply with the requirements of the respective regulation. 
Asbestos (Unexpected Discovery)  
While every attempt will be made by the Town of Goderich to identify asbestos that may be encountered in the course of the project, the Contractor shall ensure that should this occur, the Town Contact and the Health and Safety Manager are notified, immediately.  
 Mould (Ontario Environmental Guidelines)
if mould or suspicion of mould is discovered during any contract work at the Town, it must be reported immediately to the Town Contact.  Mould removal can only be performed by Contractors trained in proper mould abatement procedures, using Ontario guidelines and other applicable legislation. 

Work Procedure 

 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
 Contractors will ensure their employees are equipped with, trained in the use of, and shall wear the required safety equipment necessary to complete the work in a safe manner.  This includes: 
  • Safety goggles
  • Gloves
  • Hearing protection
  • Respirators with appropriate filters
  • Safety harnesses
  • Fall restraint devices
  • Safety boots
  • Hard hats
 Tools and Equipment 

Contractors will ensure that tools are maintained in safe working order and are provided and maintained with working guards and safety devices as required by regulation and that their employees use all safety devices and guards provided.  All electrical equipment will be properly grounded or double insulated. 

If Contractor(s) and/or their employees are using any equipment or tools that are owned by the Town of Goderich, they shall immediately notify their Supervisor of any defects at which point such equipment or tool shall be locked-out. 

The Contractor shall ensure that tools, equipment and materials are used only in the manner intended. 

 Electrical Lock-Out Policy and Procedures 
While working on machinery or power sources, Contractors will ensure their employees adhere to the Town of Goderich’s Lock-Out Policy and Procedures. 
 Hot Work (includes welding, grinding and cutting) 
Work involving high heat, naked flame, welding or soldering much be discussed with the Town Contact prior to work commencing.  The Town Contact will issue a Hot Work Permit.  Approved work will be performed, taking the necessary precautions to protect others from welding arc or flash. 

 Compliance with Legislation

All contractors and their subcontractors and personnel must comply with applicable municipal, provincial and federal regulatory requirements and appropriate Town policies and procedures, including, but not limited to:


Any questions regarding the Contractor Occupational Health and Safety Package, including the Contractor Safety and Due Diligence Policy may be directed to: Michaela Johnston, CEMC, Accessibility and Health & Safety Manager via email: or phone: 519-524-8344 x212. 

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