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Committees of Council

Goderich Town Council has established a number of committees and task forces that help our community meet goals and prepare for the future. These groups also provide residents with information and services.

A member list for all Town Committees is below:

BIA Board of Management - Mayor John Grace, Councillor Trevor Bazinet, Elizabeth Van den Broeck,  Anne Ferguson, Vicky Culbert, Ann McCauley, Amy Zoethout, Matt Cottrell, Kim Postma, Clare Day, Mark Woodward

BIA Advertising, Events and Programming Committee - Councillor Trevor Bazinet, Anne Ferguson, Amy Zoethout, Vicky Culbert, Elizabeth Van den Broeck, Shelley Peet, Cheryl Dunn

BIA Beautification Committee -  Elizabeth Van den Broeck, Ann McCauley, Anne Ferguson, Shelley Peet and Cheryl Dunn

BIA Farmers' Market Committee - Amy Zoethout, Ann McCauley and George Blackwell

Bluewater Recycling Association - Mayor John Grace

Board of Management of Recreational Services - Peter Shephard (Chair),  Councillor Stephen Tamming, Phil Dalton, Jenna Johnston, Brian Ferris, Barb Major-McEwan, Adam Moore, Jennifer Radan, Natalie Steenstra-Craig, Leah Noel, Jeff Thuss

Committee of Adjustment/Property Standards Committee - Stacey Armstrong, Tony Decoo, Mike Masciotra, Marie McGuire, Richard Turner

Communities in Bloom Executive - Colleen McGregor (Chair), Peggy Allin, Sabina Behnk, Paul Harris, Shelley Peet

Community Economic Development Committee -  Jeff Bauer (Chair),  Deputy Mayor Myles Murdock, Liz Higgins, Alecia Anderson, Kim Postma, Scott Fletcher, Glenn Scheels

Emergency Control Group - Appointed by By-Law adopting Emergency Plan, appointed by position

Environmental Action Committee - Erinn Lawrie (Chair), Mayor John Grace, Roland Howe, Marcus Maddalena, Beth Ross, Delbert Shewfelt, Janet Wunnink

Fire Committee - Councillor Stephen Tamming, Councillor Matt Hoy, Councillor Trevor Bazinet, Michael Russo (Central Huron), Roger Watt (ACW)

Goderich Police Sevices Board - Mayor John Grace, Tony Denomme

Goderich Recreational Park Revitalization Committee - Deputy Mayor Myles Murdock, Councillor Bazinet, Leah Noel, Jamie Stanley, Darren Scholl, Adam Moore, Peter Shephard.  (Mandate fo Committee ended July 6, 2019.)

Municipal & Marine Heritage Committee - William Menzel (Chair),  Councillor Matt Hoy, Nancy Hughes, Roy Straughan, Dennis Somerville, Bob Davis, Dennis Somerville, Kathy Ferguson and Vicky Culbert

MacKay Centre for Seniors Board of Managerment - Councillor Jim Donnelly

Maitland Valley Conservation Authority - Delbert Shewfelt

Mid-Huron Landfill Site Board - Mayor John Grace, Adam Robinson (Central Huron), Glen McNeil (ACW), Bernie MacLellan (Huron East), Bill Whetstone (Bluewater), Jeff Elliott (Huron-Kinloss)

Mid-Huron Recycling Centre - Mayor John Grace, Bernie MacLellan (Huron East), Adam Robinson (Central Huron)

Parks & Waterfront Liaison - Mayor John Grace

Public Works Liaison - Councillor Myles Murdock



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