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Below is a list of the most commonly requested by-laws. Please direct all questions regarding by-law enforcement to the Municipal By-Law Enforcement Officer.

 Animal Control
The Animal Control By-Law prohibits, regulates and licenses certain animals within the Town of Goderich.
The Building By-Law regulates matters relating to the construction or demolition of buildings in the Town of Goderich.
The Cemetery By-Law regulates the operation of the Maitland Cemetery.
 Community Improvement Plan
The Community Improvement Plan allows for certain financial incentives for businesses improving property in the Downtown Core.
The Fees By-Law sets fees for various licenses and services provided by the Town of Goderich.
 The Fence By-Law regulates the erection of fences in Goderich.
 Hawkers and Peddlers
 This By-Law regulates the activities of hawkers and peddlers in the Town of Goderich.
 Lawn Watering Restrictions
 This By-Law regulates lawn watering during summer months.
 Municipal Parks for General Public Use
 The By-Law are for the benefit and pleasure of all persons who shall be subject to the rules and regulations.
 The Noise By-Law regulates acceptable levels of noise allowed in Goderich.
 Open Burning
 This By-Law regulates open air fires in the Town of Goderich.
 Outdoor Cafe
 This By-Law regulates the establishment of outdoor cafes in downtown Goderich.
 The Parking and Traffic By-Law regulates parking on public streets throughout Goderich.
 Parking (North Harbour Road)
 This By-Law regulates parking on North Harbour Road. There is a key map associated with this By-Law.
 Pedicabs and Rickshaws
 The Pedicabs By-Law governs the operation of pedicab and rickshaw businesses in Goderich.
 The Procedural By-Law regulates the conduct and operation of Council and Committee Meetings.
 Property Standards
 The Property Standards By-Law sets requirements for the upkeep of property in Goderich.

 The Sign By-Law regulates the erection of signs in Goderich.

The Town of Goderich has a sign by-law to regulate all signs and advertising devices. Permits very by location and zone. Before you erect a sign or place an advertising device, check with the Town's Building Department 519-524-8344 Ext. 222

 The Smoking By-Law prohibits smoking in Victoria Park.
 Snow Removal
 The Snow Removal By-Law sets standards regarding the removal and storage of snow during winter months.
 The Taxi By-Law regulates the operation of taxi companies in Goderich.
 Tree Removal
 The Tree Removal By-Law regulates the removal of trees within Goderich.
 Water Works Utility
 The Water Works Utility By-Law regulates the Water Works Utility. Please refer to Schedule I of the Fee By-Law for current water rates. *Schedules are subject to a Consumer Price Index (CPI) Increase in January, annually.
 The Zoning By-Law regulates land use in the Town of Goderich.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Winter Parking By-Law

Overnight parking of motor vehicles on municipal roadways is prohibited during winter months (November 15th to March 15th) and is an offence punishable by a fine.

It is an offence under the Highway Traffic Act to push snow onto any roadway. Snow must be placed on your own property, not on neighbouring properties or pushed across the street. Frozen snow piles create a hazard for motorized vehicles.

We thank you for your consideration to this matter.

 Lawn Watering Restrictions: May 15 to August 31

Specified days are:

  • Municipal address is odd number = odd calendar days 
  • Municipal address is even number = even calendar days

Properties without an automatic watering system may water between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. and between 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m., while properties with an automatic watering system may water between 4:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. on the applicable days.

Special water permits for new sod are available at the Town Hall.


Temporary Notice- Conserve Water

As previously approved by Council in 2017, Goderich’s water tower is currently undergoing capital upgrades and therefore has been taken out of service.  The Town is requesting residents, commercial, institutional and industry users to conserve water by observing the Town’s Lawn Watering By-Law.  If you live/operate a business at an even numbered address, you can water only on even numbered dates and for those at an odd numbered address, you can only water on odd numbered dates.  Watering times are restricted to 7 AM until 9 AM, and 7PM until 9 PM.  The Town reminds underground automatic sprinkler system users that they can only water between 2:30 AM until 6 AM, and again on days that depend on whether the address has an odd or even number.


The Town appreciates everyone’s cooperation in supporting this water conservation notice.


If you have any questions, please contact Town Hall at 519-524-8344.


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