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By-Law Enforcement


Respecting the rights of our neighbours and ensuring that our property values are maintained is an important aspect of community living. At times, however, boundaries may be crossed and the Municipal Law Enforcement Officers are given the task of investigating complaints received from the public about alleged violations of various municipal by-laws. In addition, the Municipal Law Enforcement Officer is given the duty of enforcing sections of the Highway Traffic Act, the Municipal Act, and the Provincial Offences Act. The enforcement of the aforementioned Acts is imperative in order to ensure an increased degree of safety for our residents and visitors.  

The goal of the Municipal Law Enforcement Officers is not to penalize the citizens of Goderich or visitors to our Town but, rather, to achieve compliance through education and the provision of information in order to preserve the quality of life to which each citizen is entitled.


The Municipal Law Enforcement Officers enforce approximately 20 regulatory by-laws, as well as Council policies, guidelines, and resolutions within the boundaries of the Town of Goderich. Included in these regulatory by-laws are the Property Maintenance, Clean and Clear, Traffic, Signs, Fences, Outdoor Cafes and Mobile Canteens, Parks, Solid Waste, Noise, Open Burning, Snow Removal, Lawn Watering, Property Standards, etc.

While there are areas of enforcement that are safety related and require proactive enforcement, the majority of these by-laws are enforced on a complaint only basis. This ensures that the Municipal Law Enforcement Officers are serving the needs of the community and that the complaints received are of relevant concern and importance.

To make a complaint regarding a violation of regulations contained in one of our by-laws, the Town requires the complainant to provide their name, address, phone number, as well as their relationship to the issue that the complaint is regarding. Should the complainant refuse to provide this information, no action will be taken by the Municipal Law Enforcement Officers, except in cases relating to health or safety issues.

Enforcement procedures may take many courses. Each complaint is different and the enforcement proceedings are decided based upon the individual case. Enforcement proceedings, in most cases, are completed within one month of the initial complaint. Depending on the volume of complaints, co-operation of the property owner or person in violation, specific circumstances of the case, and enforcement proceedings required, completion of the procedure may take longer.


The Town of Goderich receives complaints in various ways:


In person: 57 West Street (Monday to Friday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM)

Please ensure that all complaints include a name, phone number, relationship to the property or individual that you are making the complaint about, and the issue. Should the complaint be made in print, The Municipal Law Enforcement Officers may wish to call and confirm information, or ask further questions regarding the issue. It should also be noted that complainant information is considered confidential and will not be released to the person whose property is under complaint. In special circumstances the Town may request or require a complainant to act as a witness, should a case be required to be settled in court. This is usually done as a last resort. A complainant would normally be informed of this requirement at the time of the initial complaint or during the investigative process.

By-Law Complaint Form
By-Law 6-2024 By-Law Enforcement and Complaint Policy



Dispute A Waterfront Parking Infraction Ticket

If you wish to request a trial option - Notice of Intention to Appear in Court, you will need to sign the back of the ticket and mail it to the address indicated such that it is received within 30 days of date of the infraction.

The ticket will be forwarded to the Ontario Provincial Court of Justice for trial.

Animal Services

For information on the animal services we provide, visit our animal services page.

Goderich Parks and Facilities

Goderich's Parks and Facilities By-law regulates and promotes responsible enjoyment and use of municipal parks and facilities in the Town of Goderich.

Parking Enforcement

Municipal law enforcement officers are enforcing the Traffic and Paid Parking By-Laws in Goderich. Please be sure that you do not park in loading zones, fire routes, no parking areas and accessible parking spaces. Please ensure that you pay for parking in the paid parking areas.

Paid parking is in effect from May 15 to October 15, inclusive. The hours when you are required to pay to park are 9 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  For more information visit

Paid Parking Areas

You will be required to pay for parking at Goderich's waterfront.

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