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Animal Services

The Town of Goderich regulates a number of animal services, under the Goderich Animal Control By-Law.

To report an Animal Control issue, please contact Animal Control Officer Robert Trick at 519-525-7402

Dog Licensing

2020 Dog Tags are now available! Tags must be purchased before February 28, 2020 or a late fee will be charged. Please notify Town Hall if you no longer have your dog.
Spayed Female Dog or Neutered Male Dog $20.00
Male Dog or Female Dog $45.00
Replacement Tag $10.00
Late Fee (after February 28, 2020) $20.00

Every dog owner in the Town of Goderich must license their dog annually. Licenses expire on the last day of December annually. Licensing fees are laid out in Schedule N of the Goderich Fee By-Law.

Dog licences are vital in helping with the safe and easy return of your pet, should they go missing.


Nuisance Animals (including Skunks)

 The Town had a long standing practice of eradicating skunks.  Up until the spring of 2017, the Town had an individual on contract to deal specifically with skunk complaints.  The Animal Control Officer advised the Town of new provincial legislation that came into effect and force on July 1, 2013, which governs the removal of skunks.  Skunks need to be re-located within 1 km of their capture and the landowner permission is required to release a skunk onto someone else’s property.  Furthermore, the previous practice did not encourage homeowners to remedy situations which attract skunks to their premises.  

 In summary, it is suggested that the removal of skunks, raccoons, etc. is best addressed by contacting a private pest control company or Bob Trick, Animal Control Officer at 519-525-7402,  who have the expertise and necessary licencing to re-locate or destroy the nuisance animal(s), however are at the cost of the homeowner.

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