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Public Education

For fun fire safety games, please visit Sparky’s website! The Goderich Fire Department believes that the best way to survive a fire, is to not have one in the first place.  Public Education is a priority in our Fire Prevention measures. The GFD provides public fire and life safety education, aimed at changing the human prevention behaviors with the goal to prevent fires, and if one happens to occur, to ensure citizens react appropriately. The GFD offers a wide range of programs, including School presentations, Firehall tours, and Public events.  If you would like the GFD to come to your event, please contact the Fire Chief, or talk to any member of the GFD. 

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Flashing Green Lights:

When you see a flashing green light, our Firefighters are responding to an emergency call.  Although not required by law, we kindly ask that you yield the right-of-way and pull to the right when safe to do so, to allow our firefighters to safely pass.  Their expedited response is crucial. Remember, the home we’re going to save, or life we’re going to  rescue,   could be yours, a family member, or a close friend. Help us, Help you!


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