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Fire Department Structure

Current Members:

The Goderich Fire Department consists of 28 dedicated volunteer members. Our team consists of a Fire Chief, Deputy Fire Chief, 4 Captains, 19 Firefighters, and 3 Auxiliary Firefighters.

Volunteer Fire Department Organizational Chart

Goderich Fire Department Members

Fire Chief Darren Doak

Fire Chief Darren Doak - March 2002

Deputy Chief John Dobie

Deputy Chief John Dobie - January 1998

Captian Jeff Wormington

Captain Jeff Wormington - August 2005

Captain Gary Erb

Captain Gary Erb - February 2000

Captain Aaron Duckworth

Captain Aaron Duckworth - January 2011

Captain Matt VandenHeuvel

Captain Matt VandenHeuvel - February 2012

Firefighter Savannah Freeman

Firefighter Savannah Freeman - April 2020 

Firefighter Jay Austin

Firefighter Jay Austin - June 2007

Firefighter Nick Jenkins

Firefighter Nick Jenkins - June 2007

Firefighter Kyle Vandenburgh

Firefighter Kyle Vanderburgh - March 2008

Firefighter Wes Morley

Firefighter Wes Morley - May 2009

Firefighter Ian Andrews

Firefighter Ian Andrews - January 2011

Firefighter Scott Duncan

Firefighter Scott Duncan - January 2011

Firefighter Chad Shanahan

Firefighter Chad Shanahan - February 2012

Firefighter Brad Powell

Firefighter Brad Powell - June 2013

Firefighter Marcus Warnholz

Firefighter Marcus Warnholz - October 2014

Firefighter Paul Chisholm

Firefighter Paul Chisholm - October 2014

Firefighter Darryl Boyer

Firefighter Darryl Boyer - January 2018

Firefighter Jeff Elliott

Firefighter Jeff Elliott - January 2018

Firefighter Mike O'Brien

Firefighter Mike O'Brien - January 2018

Firefighter Chad Crawford

Firefighter Chad Crawford - April 2019

Firefighter Brandon  Gibson

Firefighter Brandon Gibson - April 2019

Firefighter Mike Ryan

Firefighter Mike Ryan - April 2019

Firefighter Joel Paquette

Firefighter Joel Paquette - April 2019

Firefighter Curtis Beacom

Firefighter Curtis Beacom - April 2020

Firefighter Ben Craig

Firefighter Ben Craig - April 2020

Firefighter Andrew Depatie

Firefighter Andrew Depatie - April 2020







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