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Fire Department Operations


Built in1991 by Buchanan Construction Ltd.

Goderich Fire Hall located at 248 Suncoast Drive East, Goderich




Pumper #14


2010 Spartan Metro Star MFD / Crimson Fire / Dependable Stock Purchase (2012) Pumper #14 features a 1500 GPM Pump, a 700 gallon on board tank, and a FoamPro Foam system.  Pumper #14 is our front-line truck for all fire related emergencies and responds to every call.

 Aerial #15

2019 Rosenbauer Commander R6000 - 100' Viper Single Axle / Res-Q-Tech - Aerial #15 features a 100' low-profile steel ladder, a 400 Gallon on-board water tank, and a 1500 GPM pump. It carries 1000' of large diameter hose, a full complement of ground ladders, and operates on Rosenbauer's "Aerial Smart Technology" with wireless controls. Aerial #15 will respond to all calls in the Town of Goderich, and at the request for mutual aid in our surrounding municipalities.


Rescue #12


2003 International / Dependable.

Rescue #12 is our front-line truck for all car accidents, technical Rescue/HAZMAT calls, or medical assists. It also provides support equipment for fire related incidents, such as extra air bottles, Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) equipment, and accountability equipment. Rescue #12 responds to every call.


Pumper #11


1999 International 4900 / C-Max Fire.

Pumper #11 features a 1250 GPM Pump, and has a 1250 Gallon on board tank.  Known as our “Hydrant Truck”, Pump #11 will respond to every fire related emergency in the Town of Goderich, and will “Catch” the closest hydrant to the fire.  Pumper #11 carries 1000 feet of Large Diameter hose to lay to Pumper #14 to provide an adequate amount of water to fight the fire!


Tanker #10

1995 International / Dependable

Tanker #10 carries 2600 Gallons of water to all fire related emergencies outside of The Town of Goderich, and for mutual aid requests from our surrounding fire departments.



When you see any of these vehicles with its emergency lights activated, please pull to the right and stop when it is safe to do so. It’s the Law!

See the light ... Move to the right

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