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Town of Goderich Crest

To all and singular to whom the Presents shall come Commander of the Royal Victorian Order whom has been conferred the Decoration of the Military Class Clareneux King of Arms and Walter John George Virco Esquire Commander of the Royal Victorian Order Norroy and Wester King of Arms Tend Greeting!

Town of Goderich CrestWhereas James Harold Walls, Gentlemen, Clerk of the Council of the Town of Goderich hath represented unto the Most Noble Miles Frances Duke of Norfolk, Companion of the most Honorable Order of the Bath, commander of the most Excellent Order of the British Empire whom has been conferred the Decoration of the Military Cross East Marshall and Hereditary Marshall that the Town of Goderich was established in the year 1807 in that the haste of the Province of Upper Canada known as the Huron Tracts and the pursuant to that Municipal Corporation Act of 1849 as enacted by the legislature of the province of Upper Canada the said Town Goderich was duly incorporated by that name on the First day of January 1850: what the Town of Goderich, now the County Town of the County of Huron in the Province of Ontario in Canada, is administrated by a mayor and council and the council being desirous of having Armorial Ensigns duly assigned with lawful authority he as clerk thereof and on its behalf hath requested the favor of His graces warrant for Are granting and assigning such Arms and Crest and Patent such Supporters and such Devices or Badge as we may consider fit and proper to be lorne and used by the Town of Goderich on seals or otherwise according to the laws of arms and for as much as is said Earl Marshal did by Warrant under his hand and peel bearing date the 28th day of March 1977 authorize and direct us to grant and assign such Armorial Ensigns accordingly know ye therefore that we the said Garter Clarenceux and Norroy and Wester in pursuance of his Grace's warrant and by virtue of the letters patent of our several offices to each of us respectively granted due by these presents grant and assign to the Town of Goderich the Arms following that is to say—Per Pale Barry Wavy Argent and Azure all counterchanged and octagon per pale azure and argent charged with an ancient crown ore and for the chest within a naval crown or a wyvern gules holding in the Dexter claw a covered salt or shedding on both sides salt argent, mantled azure doubled argent; and we do further grant in the sign the following device or badge that is to say; an octagon barred wavey argent and azure per pale counterchange charged with an octagon per pale azure and argent thereon an ancient crown or; and by the authority aforesaid I the said guarder to by these presents further grant and assign into the Town of Goderich the supporters following that is to say;—On either side a tiger guardian proper gorged with a chain or a pendant therefore on the Dexter and annulet embattled on the outer edge gules and on the sinister an octagon or charged with a maple leaf gules upon a compartment comprising a grassy mount proper seny to the Dexter of roses gules barbed and seeded proper and to be the sinister of thistles slipped and leaved proper, has the same are in the margin hereof more plainly depicted to the bone and used forever hereafter by the Town of Goderich on the seals or otherwise accordingly to the laws of arms. In witness whereof we the said guarder Clarenceux and Norroy and Wester Kings of Arms have to these presents subscribe our names and affixed the seals of our several offices this tenth day of May in the 27th year of the reign of our Sovereign Lady Elizabeth the Second by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom, Canada and her other realms and territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the faith and in the year of our world one thousand nine hundred seventy-eight.