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Automated Recycling Collection

The new Automated Recycling Collection system has arrived in Goderich as of June 2010.  Check out the Bluewater Recycling Association's webpage for more information.  Any questions can be directed to 1-800-265-9799 ext 221 or email

The following documents are available for download (PDF format):

The Do's & Do Not's of the "Wheelie" Bin Collection System

  • At the curb place bin lid opening facing the street while the bin handle and wheels face the house. Please place bin at least 3ft away from other bins or obstacles.
  • Remove from curb after collection
  • All recyclable items must be placed in the bin with the lid completely closed
  • Only clean acceptable (see below) materials
  • Do not bag recyclables - except plastic bags and shredded paper
  • Keep lid closed at all times - keep water out
  • Absolutely NO Garbage - Abuse it and Loose it!
  • Do not overload the container (max. load 220lbs or 100kg)


Inside Your "Wheelie" Bin - Acceptable Items for Recycling

Polycoated Containers (milk & juice containers, tetra paks)

  • Please rinse
  • Place loose into Recycling Bin
  • Do not flatten

Glass Bottles And Jars

  • Please rinse
  • Remove metal lids and place in bin

Aluminum & Steel Beverage & Food Containers

  • Please rinse
  • Place lids inside cans & pinch to trap the lid inside

Aerosol & Paint Cans

  •  Ensure that cans are Empty and lids removed 
  • Place metal lids loose in the recycling bin

Rigid Plastics and Tubs

  • Clean containers with symbols 1 to 7 marked on the bottom
  • No plastic lids smaller then 3"

Plastic Bags  

  • Please remove cash register tapes
  • Stuff into one bag

Newspapers and Inserts, Magazines & Phonebooks
Boxboard & Fine Paper

  • Please remove all wrap, spouts & liners
  • Flatten
  • Please bag shredded paper

Corrugated Cardboard

  • Please flatten


Bluewater Recycling Association

415 Canada Avenue, Huron Park, Ontario N0M 1Y0

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30am-4:00pm

Phone: 1-800-265-9799