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The Official Flag of the Port of Goderich

The Goderich Flag sets forth the principles, truths and history belonging to the community. The lower part of the flag represents the close association of this town with Lake Huron, on whose waters ships ply back and forth to this port, bearing grain and taking away salt from its mine. It is reminiscent of the happy times spent by vacationers and towns-people here on our beaches and of the sad times those same beaches are strewn with the jetsam from ships lost in the fury of great storms.

The blue of the flag represents the usual colour of our skies. It is also the colour of loyalty and fidelity, and calls to mind the many men and woman who trained at Sky Harbour here during the last war and who went from here to give their best in the skies of Europe.

The "Square", that unique feature of Goderich since the Town Plot was first laid out by the Canada Company, is represented on the flag by a white octagon. Much of the history of Goderich took place and still takes place on the Square and on the streets radiating from it.

In the centre of the flag there is a Crown. Goderich was founded in the reign of George IV. Today Elizabeth II is our Queen. She, not the Prime Minister nor the Governor General, is the head of State. It is in her name that justice is administered, and it is in her that all persons holding public office and all Canadians in every province and of every race pledge allegiance. The Crown on our flag is to remind us of those thing.

Surmounting the Crown is a Cross. It is similar to the cross awarded to so many for valour in two world wars. It is to remind us of the many from this town who gave their lives in those years for our freedom.

Photograph of the Official Flag of the Port of Goderich

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