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Ministry of Consumer Services | Avoid Contracting Scams

As repairs & restoration of properties get under way, residents are encouraged to be vigilant to avoid scams or unfair home repair offers by:

  • Getting a written estimate
  • Asking for references and taking the time to verify them
  • Ensuring all work is detailed on the contract, including total cost, start & completion dates
  • Not signing a contract unless they understand it completely
  • Keeping deposits to a minimum (no more than 10% is standard)

In most cases you have 10 days to cancel any contract signed in your home, even a temporary home such as a motel room.

Ontarians who are unable to resolve a complaint with the company can call the province for help at 1.800.889.9768 or you can submit a complaint form online

Additional tips on how to protect yourself can be found online at



Mennonite Disaster Service
Homeowners requiring assistance with residential repairs may call 519.357.7353.

Court Services - Goderich Court House Update - February 21, 2012

Please be advised that effective February 27, 2012, all regular Court operations will return to the Huron County Courthouse. This includes family, criminal and court services, the Crown attorney's office, the victim/witness office, Legal Aid and the Huron County Law Association.

All services currently located in the Trailer Court Complex will be moved February 24, 2012.

Courts will continue to operate as scheduled on February 24, 2012, from the Trailer Court Complex. On that day, bail hearings will begin with video remands in the courtroom #2 and will then move to courtroom #3 for in person bail matters.

Starting February 27, 2012, all scheduled courts will be held in the original Huron County Courthouse.

Please note that there will be reduced counter services available on February 24, 2012, due to the move taking place. Full operations will resume on February 27, 2012. Every effort is being made to ensure a smooth transition and minimal disruption to court services.

We appreciate your patience and your support as we return to the original Huron County Courthouse on February 27, 2012.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

  • Court Services Division - (519) 524-7322
  • Crown Attorney's Office - (519) 524-9272
  • The Huron County Law Association - (519) 524-7962
  • Legal Aid Ontario - Huron County - (519) 524-9612
  • Victim Witness Assistance Program - (519) 524-4085

Housing resources and rental opportunities are being shared through facebook. The "Huron County Home Rentals Goderich Group" has been established to provide a centralized source to assist families who have been displaced due to the Tornado on August 21, 2011. Homeowners who can provide houses/apartment units to rent can post for rent on this group site and potential tenants can post rental wanted. Visit and type huron county home rentals goderich into the search box at the top of the page to view the housing opportunities.

Service Canada
The Goderich Service Canada Centre, located at 52 East Street, will be open Monday to Friday, from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM. The Goderich Service Canada Centre is ready to provide residents of the Goderich area with access to federal government programs and services, including: Social Insurance Numbers, Employment Insurance, Canada Pension Plan, and Old Age Security.

Service Canada offers Canadians one-stop, personalized service they can access online, over the phone, or in person.

To find out more about Service Canada and Government programs and services, please call 1 800 0-Canada (1.800.622.6232), TTY: 1.800.926.9105, go online to, or visit one of over 600 points of service located across the country.

Trauma and Stress Support
Anyone struggling emotionally with the aftermath of the tornado in Goderich and is wanting emotional support is urged to contact, the Crisis Intervention Program at 519.527.0155 or 1.888.829.7484.

Victim Services: Emotional and Stress Support
Practical assistance for stresses and emotional support is available for every member of our community (adults, youth and children) through Victim Services. They are an organization of volunteer people trained to assist you during difficult times. They provide for immediate needs in addition to referrals for longer term support through existing community services.

They can be reached at 519.524.4108.



Drinking Water
Water from our municipal system is safe to drink.

Hydro has now been restored to most of the town and whereever it was possible to make the necessary repairs. As repairs become possible, crews are ready to get the remaining people and businesses online.

Union Gas
Union Gas Service representatives are working to restore gas services. Please call 1.877.969.0999 if you have questions or require help.